Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take reservations?

Yes and no. The lower level of the restaurant does not take reservations and goes on a wait list when busy. We utilize a texting service when your table is ready which makes it convenient to explore the surrounding area while you wait. The upper deck does take reservations and also has open bar and lounge seating. Reservations are made online only through our website. Please note that the upper deck is 21 and over only. Reservations can be made up to two weeks out.

To make a reservation for the Upper Deck, click here.

Is this still an Amtrak station?

Yes, we are an unattended Amtrak stop, with two trains a day. One leaves for Chicago at about 930 am and returns at about 810 pm. There is an Amtrak room with a self service kiosk to buy tickets.

When did you open?

August 5, 2005.

Do you have desserts?

Sorry! We do not. We carry delicious chocolate martinis though (and you have to be 21 or older to buy!)

Can your schooners be purchased?

Schooners can be purchased at SBP. Please ask your bartender or server if you would like to buy one.

Do you have gluten free options?

Yes, check out our menu. We also offer a non dairy cheese and a completely cheese-less pizza (davids pizza).

How do you handle large parties?

We have several tables which can handle up to 14 people. Parties larger than 14 might not be seated together or at the same time. We will do the best we can of course, but please keep this in mind when planning a large group.

Do you offer delivery?

No, but we do offer carry-out service.

Pepsi or Coke?

We offer Coke products.

Is your dough fresh or frozen?

We make our dough fresh, every day from scratch.

What is your most popular pizza?

Probably a tie between the Carousel and the Garlic Greek.

Is your bar open later than your kitchen?

Yes, for at least an hour.

Do you sell slices?

Yes during the summer we sell slices from our take-out kitchen, as well as bottled water. There is a Coke machine outside the take-out kitchen.

Do you allow strollers in the restaurant?

During times when the restaurant is near full we usually place strollers in a special area with locks as they can create a safety issue for other patrons… So we actually have valet parking for strollers!

How far away are the railroad tracks?

About 13 feet. Its pretty cool when you’re eating outside and a train goes by.

How far away is Istanbul?

I don’t know.