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Please note, currently gift cards are not working with online orders. They work perfectly fine in the restaurant. Our online provider is working on this issue, but we are not sure when, or if, it will be corrected. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Online Ordering:
On extremely busy nights, online ordering is turned off for ten minutes at a time throughout the evening. This allows our kitchen staff to keep up and allows us to keep wait times reasonable. Thanks for understanding!

Mon-Thurs: 4 - 9pm
Friday: 4 - 10pm
Saturday: 4 - 10pm
Sunday: 4 - 9pm

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The Story of Silver Beach Pizza (The Schooner)

Story of Silver Beach Pizza (Schooner)

In 2003 the future owners of Silver Beach Pizza were on vacation. Jay and Tony went to a “locals” tavern in a nearby harbor and ordered a draft beer. The bartender reached down into a chest freezer, pulled out a frozen schooner, filled it with cold draft beer and set it in front of them. The most beautiful beer presentation the boys had ever seen was staring back at them. The “fog” was cascading around the glass and ice was forming on the outside.

They got excited about someday serving beer to people like that and talked about it often. Pizza wasn’t even a topic of conversation yet; it was all about the beer presentation. Tony owned a place in Saint Joseph and has loved the location. When he saw that the historic Amtrak Depot became available, the idea of opening it as a pizza place took shape. They obtained the lease in August, 2005. That ice cold schooner found a home alongside a really great pizza at Silver Beach Pizza.

We are proud to be associated with Gelsosomo’s Pizza. Our pizza has repeatedly been voted best pizza in Southwest Michigan. Tom Gelsosomo, YOU ROCK!

Welcome to the Upper Deck!

The Upper Deck is an elevated structure that is a separate area from the downstairs dining at Silver Beach Pizza. The Upper Deck is adults only (21 and over – no babies please) and is reservations only. The Upper Deck has seating for about 60 and has its own bar. The largest reservation that can be made is 12. If you are having trouble getting a table for a certain day, that means we are full. Reservations can be made up to 2 weeks ahead of time.

Winter hours (day after Labor Day to Day before Memorial Day)

Summer hours (Memorial Day to Labor Day)
ALL WEEK – OPEN AT 11 A.M. (Starting the 3rd week of June)

Note: Stairway access only to upper deck. Upper deck is 21 and over only – no babies please. Also please do not bring more people than you make a reservation for. Our seating is limited and most of our tables are not movable. Thanks!

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Tips to Improve Your SBP Experience

Story of Silver Beach Pizza (Schooner)

We do have a parking lot but it can be a bit of a nightmare. It is long and skinny with one entrance. We STRONGLY recommend you try to avoid it! There is a city lot just west of us. It is free from November 1 – March 31 and $5-10 otherwise. If you bring the little tear-off from the receipt, we will take $5 off your bill (like a coupon). You can also park on the bluff and walk down.

Download the “NOWAIT” App:
This app is very helpful on busy days. You can put your name on our wait list right through your phone and you receive a text when your table is available. Please note if you need a wheelchair accessible table. Also, you must be within 15 miles of SBP to use the Nowait app.

If there is a long wait (they can get up to 3 hours) we suggest you consider getting a takeout and enjoying it outside if the weather is nice.

We would love to hear from you!

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